Congressman Anthony Weiner has disgraced his constituents, his family and himself. He should resign from office immediately. His constituents in the 9th Congressional District should be ashamed that they are being represented by such a man.

In addition to a disgusting display of his private anatomy he has victimized several women with his original explanation that his computer was hacked. He lied until he was harassed by the press to tell the truth and state exactly how this computer hacking occurred. When his explanation became too convoluted he segued to ownership of the story by stating quite arrogantly that he “couldn't say with certitude that it was him in the pictures.” We all heard the rest of his bizarre excuses.

Unbelievably he still claims he did nothing illegal and this is all a “personal” matter. He doesn't own up to the fact that he probably used his taxpayer funded office equipment and his staff, to play his perverted game of show and tell with several women some of whom have come forward to tell their stories. Many have expressed surprise that a Congressman would be so stupid as to expose himself on the Internet. This is an elected official who makes important decisions about how to spend our hard earned tax dollars!

Anthony Weiner's colleagues in the House of Representative should start the process immediately of forcing him out of office.

Unbelievably through the whole sordid saga replete with tears and apologies, Weiner has never uttered the words that he needs help and therapy to figure out why he would resort to such kinky behavior.

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