The Juniper Park Civic Association honored the memory of those lost in the many battles fought to protect our nation by marching in the Maspeth Memorial Day Parade on Sunday, May 27th.

JPCA members unfurled and carried a flag from 1896 in the procession. At the time that this flag had been made, there were only 45 states in the Union, reflected in the number of hand-stitched stars that appear on the emblem.

Preceding the Juniper Juniors, who carried our banner, was JPCA Executive Board Member Tony Nunziato, who drove a white antique car down the parade route while his family handed out carnations to spectators, courtesy of Enchanted Florist and Greenhouse.

The Juniper Park Civic Association joins the rest of America in thanking all veterans for their service to our country in times of both war and peace and we pay special tribute to those who have lost their lives defending freedom and democracy.