For three and a half years, residents of Maspeth along Flushing Avenue near 63rd Street have been reporting that tow trucks regularly block driveways, park on sidewalks, double and triple park, block traffic, both auto and pedestrian.

Crossing any street in the neighborhood is extremely dangerous. These illegally parked trucks routinely block driveways and crosswalks. Many of the trucks and cars have no registration or license plates.

Some of the tow trucks are parked with the vehicle being towed still attached to the tow boom. Littering the streets are vehicle parts and fluids – oil, gasoline, transmission fluid, broken glass and metal shards. All of this is particularly dangerous to children and pedestrians and creates a pronounced negative impact on the neighborhood quality of life.

Residents and the Juniper Park Civic Association want to know why nothing has improved in the area even after many complaints to the police and elected officials. The New York City Department of Transportation, NYC Department of Consumer Affairs as well as the police continue to be either unwilling or unable to correct the situation.

This issue has been exposed recently on NY1 and described in the Juniper Berry, our civic magazine. The JPCA has once again alerted Mayor Bloomberg and the Queens Department of Transportation of this situation.