The driver of this vehicle walked away with just a cut on his lower lip following a horrendous crash the afternoon of Wednesday, July 23rd at the intersection of Maurice and Borden Avenues in Maspeth.

According to the FDNY at the scene, the driver crashed his truck into a traffic light pole after an incident with another vehicle. The passenger side of the truck was crushed, but luckily no one was riding on that side of the vehicle.

The truck was transporting refrigeration equipment, including bottles of gas, making it a potentially hazardous situation. But the FDNY was able to prevent any explosion or further injury by safely extricating and removing them.

The Department of Transportation has replaced the traffic light temporarily until the permanent one is replaced.

The Juniper Park Civic Association thanks the FDNY for their swift response and for averting what could have been a serious disaster.

Photos by Robert Holden.