The Thin Blue Line

There is a line the color of the sky
on a clear afternoon There is a line
the hue of the ocean on a bright sunny day
There is a line the purest shade of a newborn’s eyes
awakening for the first time There is a line
that protects us from harm in all we do
whether day or night There is a line
no one can penetrate no one can alleviate
There is a line made of those who choose
to follow a calling many do not hear and still more do not comprehend
They choose to walk the path of fear, hate, and mistrust
taken by so few but marked by so many
And when one leaves this line they leave a legacy
but the line does not break for the remaining must still protect
There may be emptiness a loss, or sadness
but never a hole not in this line
This line that holds the ghosts of the souls who have gone
and the souls of the ghosts who will be The Thin Blue Line

– Author Unknown