(Middle Village, January 27, 2011) Old man winter keeps dumping snow on New York City. With 19 inches of new snow on January 26th, Mayor Bloomberg announced that all NYC public schools were closed and all non-emergency City government offices were also closed. The school closing was only the ninth time since 1978 that schools have been closed because of snow. The explosive storm dumped record snow on our community with 3-4 inches of snow per hour during the heaviest period just after midnight. Thunder and lightning accompanied the snow from 10:00pm to 4:00am.

January 2011 is already the snowiest on record in New York City. This storm, the seventh of the season, hit exactly a month after the December 26th blizzard that paralyzed the city.

Queens Borough President Helen Marshall asked residents again, Thursday, January 27th, in the wake of the day’s major snowstorm to please check on their frail and elderly neighbors who may need food or assistance.
“More snow fell than most predictions indicated and many senior citizens may be stuck in their homes for a day or more,” said Marshall. “Food deliveries could also be delayed, along with transportation services because of today’s storm,” she added.

The Borough President also asked homeowners and apartment house landlords to try and clean corners, if they are able, and nearby hydrants, if possible, to avoid pedestrian injuries. “Efforts like these will go a long way in helping to keep us all safe” Marshall.

Meanwhile the City of New York continues to ignore city property in our area. The city rarely shovels their own property such as the bridge area over the CSX Railroad on Caldwell Avenue, Eliot Avenue CSX bridge, 57th Avenue from 74th Street to 83rd Street and many Greenstreets and public triangles in the area.