Glendale, NY – City Council Member Robert Holden received confirmation today that negotiations are underway for a proposed men’s homeless shelter at 78-16 Cooper Avenue in Glendale, NY.

“My office had received several reports from area residents over the last few days about activity at the former manufacturing building in Glendale. After sending numerous inquiries to various DHS officials over a 24-hour period, and speaking with Commissioner Steven Banks, these reports have validity, and I am extremely concerned.”

Upon speaking to Banks, Holden learned that a sealed bidding process under a Request For Proposal was submitted for a large facility at the location. Further, Banks relayed that a DHS review committee believed the proposal was strong and that a provider is currently in negotiations with the DHS. Although not a completed deal, the proposed men’s shelter would house up to 200 beds—with 200 being the maximum quantity per DHS regulations.

“This is not a proper location for any shelter, it is out of character and in no way will be accepted by the community,” Holden said.

Historically, communities have been more accepting of smaller family facilities rather than large men’s shelters. Holden’s office had provided a more viable location for a shelter to the DHS. However, the DHS never responded to Holden regarding this location.

“I vehemently disagree with 78-16 Cooper Avenue as a viable site for a large men’s shelter, and will vigorously fight against it as I have in the past,” Holden added.”