On Friday, June 5th the 104th Precinct conducted an all-night towing operation in Maspeth. The operation was in reply to numerous complaints about wrecked cars, many without license plates, parked throughout the area of Flushing Avenue, Grand Avenue and 59th Avenue. A good portion of the streets and sidewalks in and around Flushing Avenue have been taken over by businesses such as American Collision Repairs, NY Tempering (Glass) and Rod’s Auto Repair.
Captain Mark Wachter, Commanding Officer of the 104th Precinct, requested the towing operation that included four NYPD tow trucks and several officers from the NYPD Traffic Division.
The 104th Precinct’s operation towed 15 vehicles and one unlicensed tow truck.

“We have been receiving complaints from residents for almost 10 years,” said Robert Holden, president of the Juniper Park Civic Association. The last four commanding officers of the precinct have tried to deal with the situation but the improvements didn't last very long, said Holden. He said the businesses mentioned keep reverting back to blocking streets and sidewalks and turn the community into “one giant junk yard.” Holden is encouraged by Captain Wachter’s commitment and described the all-night towing operation as a “great first step.”