This letter was forwarded to JPCA and the writer asked for it to be published.

Senator Maltese,

My wife and I will not be available to make it to the Town Hall Meeting this month, but we both have a major concern and complaint in our community that we would like to have heard.

On July 3rd of this month at 59-22 69th Lane in Maspeth at 2:45am I was awoken to the sounds of my truck alarm going off. I went downstairs to deactivate my alarm, and to look at my vehicle to find all the wheels in my truck gone and my truck balancing on two cinder blocks. All of this happening only two houses down from mine. I proceeded to call the police who arrived in a matter of about 10 minutes. I was able to file my police report, but found it alarming that I was told by the officers and the local tow truck driver who was on the scene that this is the 6th incident in the last week to week and a half of this happening. When hearing this and also the cops arriving at a very reasonable time I found it odd that there was no attempt to cruise the area for a few minutes, or radio the precinct of a possible vehicle in the area. I am not in law enforcement, but to me that seems like the right thing to do.

Here are my family’s major concerns and complaints for our community;

– Before this incident I parked my truck in front of my house every night blocking my driveway. I own the two houses that this driveway is for and both houses are under video surveillance. There are of a total of three cameras that watch the entire front of both houses and the front of the driveway. The one night that I parked my truck two houses down out of range of these cameras is the night they vandalized my vehicle. This tells me one thing; these individuals are casing the entire neighborhood. They have to be driving around on a regular basis looking for vehicles and patterns and also security weakness. Bottom Line – We need more patrol cars cruising our streets.
– Since this incident I have been voicing my concerns to my neighbors and friends. I have also been keeping tabs on more incidents in my area. Almost one week after my incident they did the same thing exactly two blocks down from me on the same street and shortly after that one block up from me on the same street. This block has quick and easy access to the LIE which is maybe why they are targeting it. Bottom Line – We need more patrol cars cruising our streets.
– If there have been so many similar incidents of this kind why has this not been moved up to a detective’s squad or task force? Bottom Line – The 104 Precinct needs to step up and do something.

Senator I moved to this neighborhood 7 years ago when I got married and I enjoy living here, but when someone cannot even park their vehicle on their own block, let alone next to their own house, it is very disheartening. I am aware of all the staffing issues at the 104 Precinct, but I hope this can be added to their long list of concerns. I will make all the effort in the world to make it to the next meeting and voice any more concerns I have, and also see what has been done on this front.

Thank you for your time and support in our community.

Mike Giammarco