On Monday, November 12th, I had the opportunity to meet the new store manager at Walgreen's located on 80th Street and Eliot Avenue in Middle Village. His name is George Christides and in response to my question about an opening date for Walgreen's he stated that their target date is the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

I questioned Mr. Christides about the 24-hour policy of Walgreen's and he stated that the Walgreen's store in Middle Village would NOT be a 24-hour Walgreen's and regular hours would be from 8am to 10pm. From December 8th to December 23rd, the hours will be 8am to 12pm.

He further stated that he didn't think Middle Village at the site of the store is a 24 hour type neighborhood. I quickly responded that in all our meetings with Walgreen's it was frequently stated by them that it was their policy to stay open for 24 hours and we, the Juniper Park Civic Association, always disagreed with the need to keep a store open for 24 hours in Middle Village. It was great to hear George Christides, the Store Manager of the new Walgreen's agree with the JPCA.

Mr. Christides stated that Walgreen's is eager to be a good neighbor in Middle Village.