We once again have to deal with pesky snow and ice.

The official rules for snow removal are as follows:

Snow should be removed from sidewalks 4 hours after the end of the storm. If the storm stops after 9pm then you have to remove snow by 10am the next day. Don't push snow into traffic lanes. Put salt or clean kitty litter on icy patches.

Fines for failing to remove snow in a timely manner start at $100.

Please be careful while shoveling snow. Elderly residents should not exert themselves. Heart attacks, broken hips, back and muscle strain go along with this type of weather. Ask a younger relative or neighbor for help or pay for a snow removal service. It's worth shelling out a little money to save yourself a trip to the hospital (or worse).

Because of the snow, garbage and recycling collection has been suspended for Friday, Feb. 22. Residents should continue to place material out on their normal schedule but should expect delays in collection service.

Alternate Side Parking rules are in effect Saturday, February 23rd. All other regulations, including parking meters, remain in effect. Alternate Side Parking regulations and parking meter and muni-meter rules are suspended Sunday, February 24th.