Neighborhood Coordination Officers, or NCOs, are your local problem solvers. They spend all their working hours within the confines of their assigned sectors, actively engaging with local community members and residents. They get to know the neighborhood, its people, and its problems extremely well.

Sgt. Edward Reiman, who introduced the program at the September JPCA Town Meeting, is the Supervisor of the NCOs. The program began in the 104th Precinct on October 22nd.

Northern and Western Maspeth comprise Sector C. Middle Village and southern Maspeth make up Sector D. Feel free to email your officers directly to discuss ongoing crime or quality-of-life issues.

NCO Supervisor
Sgt. Edward Reiman

Sector C
PO Ebonie Nisbett

PO Deighton Shoy

Sector D
PO Brian Abbondandelo

PO Eugene Lee