Since the Obama Administration has gotten nowhere with its attempt to get the Dream Act through both houses of Congress, the following is Barack Obama’s latest attempt, by executive order, to assure more votes in Election 2012.

It is a two-year trial program for the Dream Act (acronym for Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors) and it would allow certain qualified young illegal aliens brought to the United States as children to apply for citizenship if they are younger than 35 and meet a number of strict, verifiable conditions.

For instance, the illegal alien children would have to have lived in the United States for at least five years before the act was passed, and show good moral character, success in school and/or the military, and have no criminal record. If they qualify on those grounds, they could earn a subsequent six-year period in which to qualify for permanent legal residency by obtaining a higher education degree or by serving at least two years in the military, and earning an honorable discharge.
The thought is that the Dream Act would theoretically allow our nation to sift the cream of young people brought here when they were young and raised as Americans. Elected officials who favor the “Dream” feel that this plan would substantially benefit both our nation and the deserving young people who have shown they will be productive workers and good Americans. It further concludes that given the nation’s aging demographics America doesn’t have enough of its own talented Americans to get the job done! Don’t forget, none of this would be for nothing. As usual, American taxpayers will pick up the bill for the “Dream!”
Further explaining the Dream Act let me state that in March 2012 Representative Lamar Smith (R-Texas) chairman of the House Judiciary committee published an analysis. I have gleaned several sentences from that article, which clearly illustrate just why the Dream Act is not in the best interest of America. “The Dream Act is a magnet for fraud. Many illegal immigrants will fraudulently claim that they came here as children or that they are under 30 and, the federal government has no way to check whether or not their claim is true. Such massive fraud occurred after the 1986 amnesty for illegal immigrants who claimed they were agricultural workers. Studies found two-thirds of all applications for the 1986 amnesty were fraudulent. The Obama Administration does everything in can to let illegal immigrants stay here, which compounds the problem.”
It is my opinion that, at the top of our priority list, our country owes a debt of gratitude, first class care and a job to all veterans and in particular our returning veterans from combat areas around the globe. Also, how can we ignore the fact that we have bright, talented Americans right here in our own country who can get the job done? They need a chance and they don’t need a job market glutted with possible frauds just eager to stay in America because Barack Obama is so generous with our hard earned tax dollars! As we all know, half the country is currently on government handouts! Great job, Mr. President!
You will be hearing more about this proposed Dream Act legislation as it hobbles through our legislature but you have to conclude, there is no question, the Dream Act is no dream, it’s a NIGHTMARE.