One Man Killed and Two Injured by Cave-In on Long Island

Three men who were at work digging away a sand embankment on Juniper Avenue, near the Juniper Swamp Road, in Middle Village, L.I., were buried by a cave-in. Augustine Cratti of Brooklyn was killed. The other men were Frank Darone and John Morgun. Darone was badly injured about the breast. He was taken to St. John’s Hospital, in Long Island City, and was attended by Dr. Manning. Morgun, when rescued, was found to have sustained only slight injuries.
The men were working under the supervision of Foreman Peter J. Salisburg. They were digging away the embankment to make way for the laying of extra track for the Lutheran Cemetery Branch of the New York and Queens County Railway Company. The bank caved in without warning. The companions of the victims set to work at once to dig them out. They had to dig down 10 feet before they reached Cratti, who was dead when found. The others were nearer the surface.