Crime is going up and many residents are concerned that we are returning to the bad old days in NYC. Police manpower levels have been steadily decreasing at the worst possible time. With the poor financial situation many crooks increase their illegal activities and there are fewer police officers to deter and arrest criminals. As a result crime is on the rise in the confines of the 104th Precinct which cover Maspeth, Middle Village, Ridgewood, and Glendale communities. The biggest increases in crime in the 104th Precinct in 2010 have been in auto theft (Grand Larceny Auto) and Felony Assaults. In the month of May GLA’s have increased 115% from last year and is up more than 25% for the year. Felony Assaults are up over 60% from last year. However in almost half of the assaults the perpetrator knew the victim. The warm weather of May brought out the criminals as total crime in the 104th Precinct is up almost 40% in the month.

“We need more cops, putting out 4 patrol cars to monitor the 7.5 square miles of the 104th Precinct is just not acceptable, said Robert Holden, president of the Juniper Park Civic Association and chairman of Community Board 5’s Public safety Committee.

There is some good news. The officers in the 104th Precinct are doing more with less, arrests are up 17% this year with the detective squad arrest up a whopping 46% from last year.