Website Exclusive

In less than two months, we will all have the very rare opportunity to be voting in a very unusual election contest. The outcome will result in either the first black president or the first female vice president in the history of the United States of America.

Naturally, at the national level, there is a hard fought contest with clear choices. The opposing candidates are distinctly different.

You all are acquainted with the competition. We’ve known Senators Biden and McCain for many years; most of us have had an opinion of them. But, Barack Obama is somewhat new – on the national scene for the last 20 months or so. Many of us have formed an opinion of him.

Then, for most – nearly all – of us, there is Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, now the Republican Vice Presidential candidate. From the time of her introduction as McCain’s choice on Friday, August 29th until her acceptance speech on Wednesday night, September 3rd, we had just six days to get acquainted with her. And, get acquainted we did.

We witnessed six days of nonstop, savage character assassination attempts by wealthy media talkers and writers, and by politicians from the opposition party and well as by both Obama and Biden. Then, we saw Sarah “Barracuda” Palin respond gracefully and without any of the same guttersnipe tactics used against her.

By now most of us know her impressive resume. This article will focus on just a few of her qualities and accomplishments that relate to elections in New York – State and City.

Palin and her husband, her sister and her husband own and operate gas stations. That’s small business. That’s the small enterprise that makes this nation great with a thriving middle class. At those gas stations Palin and family make daily contact with customers and must meet customer requirements. With the family business Palin serves, not governs. (Even this very ordinary part of her life was subjected to clever lies meant to destroy her.)

Sarah “the Barracuda” has five children, and the shrill questions arose from women demanding that she try the job again some other time when her children were grown and her youngest son could demonstrate his handicap would not interfere. New rules for women in the workplace?

You need far more information than I just gave, but, it’s your job to hire McCain/Palin or Obama/Biden. So, please make sure yours is a very informed choice.