Hey everyone, it’s almost Fall again!

The last time we talked I was getting ready for my summer job. It was really cool to work this summer, especially because I was able to save some money and also buy myself the guitar I wanted.

I love learning how to play. After months of practicing Guitar Hero on Xbox, I wanted to try the real thing. At first it’s hard but once you get past the basics, it’s a lot of fun. I taught myself but there are many places to take lessons. After learning how to play, it’s really cool to hear yourself play on a recording, and I found a place on Metropolitan Avenue called the Metronome (brings back memories of the piano lessons I took when I was younger), where they not only offer lessons for five instruments, but also have a recording studio. It was awesome to record a demo with some of my friends. Each one of us got a chance to record.

So now instead of playing for hours on Xbox or PS3, I can practice my guitar….oh no, wait….now I have HOMEWORK again!!!