Several residents and park users in Forest Park have reported to the Juniper Park Civic Association that animal carcasses (see photo) have been turning up in several locations of the park. Apparently the problem has been going on for quite sometime.

Peter Caccioppoli, a friend of the JPCA and resident of Forest Hills sent the Juniper Berry several disturbing photos of dismembered animals. He also said that in other areas there are men having sex with other men out in the open. “It’s becoming more prevalent and has gotten so bad that I cannot even walk through the park anymore,” said Caccioppoli. He told us that he has been reporting it for over a year yet it continues.

The JPCA sent Caccioppoli’s photos to the Queens Parks Commissioner’s office and NY Post reporter Jim Fanelli. Parks knows about the animal sacrifice and the open sex problem, in fact they informed us that they have even seen ads posted on the internet soliciting sex in Forest Park. The NY Post ran the story on page two on Sunday, June 7th “ANIMAL-RITES HORROR, WANTON SECTS LITTER PARKS WITH GORE.” They reported that the animal sacrifice is also going on in Highland Park in Ridgewood.