It was hard enough to walk around the community right after a snow storm but some neighbors made it much tougher. We noticed several inconsiderate owners illegally blocking their sidewalks by parking their cars there. It makes walking more treacherous and it can also result in a hefty fine and possible civil lawsuit should someone take a tumble.

One particular location that we came across was 74th Street just north of Eliot Avenue (pictured above). At least two homeowners teamed up to make walking to the bus an obstacle course by not only parking their cars blocking the walk but they also piled their garbage there. And further north on 74th Street at 58th Road we came across another inconsiderate resident. Not only is the red van (bottom photo) blocking the sidewalk but he also has the nerve to illegally park in front of his stoop in the walkway (inset photo). Minimum fine for all of these infractions is $115 plus possible court costs. Capt. Manson of the 104th Precinct said he would start a crack down on owners that obstruct sidewalks.