The DOT continues to tweak the Grand Avenue Truck Bypass project and has come up with short-term, mid-term and long-term solutions to the problem of trucks continuing to use Grand and Flushing Avenues. Short-term solutions: more signs alerting truck drivers of the bypass and increased outreach to truck drivers and companies utilizing trucks. Mid-term solutions: use of electronic signs set up at strategic locations to remind truckers to take the bypass. (These are already in place but they fail to function most of the time.) Long-term solutions: a permanent inspection station by the Rust Street/Flushing Avenue intersection and pedestrian safety measures along Grand and Flushing Avenues. However, Jean Tanler, coordinator of the Maspeth Industrial Business Association, revealed at a CB5 meeting that the poor condition of the at-grade railroad crossing at Maspeth Avenue and Rust Street has led to companies instructing their drivers to avoid the intersection, in order to protect the trucks. You may also recall that last year a malfunctioning signal which has yet to be fixed caused a train to collide with a truck. Therefore, drivers are also avoiding the spot for safety’s sake. It seems that the best “long term solution” would be to fix the signals and the track bed over Maspeth Avenue.