By now, most of us have read Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. (Those who haven’t, don’t worry – no spoilers here!) We know who the half-blood prince is (surprise!) and we know who dies (a bit traumatic!). Now all we have to do is wait for the seventh book to come out so we can find out where this odyssey will lead and how it will end for Harry. Unfortunately, I think we have at least a two-year wait, so, in the meantime, I’m going to recommend two books that are just as enjoyable, filled with dragons, fairies and other creatures of the magical world. These should tide you over until “Harry Potter and the ???” comes out!

Eragon (Inheritance, Book 1)
By Christopher Paolini
for ages 10-14

Eragon is a farm boy who lives a simple life with his family. One day, he finds a beautiful blue stone. He thinks it is unique and very pretty, but decides to sell it so he can get food for his family. Before he can do that, the stone hatches into a dragon as blue as the stone had been. He begins to bond with his new friend, stashing food to bring to his dragon when everyone else is asleep.

One day while he is visiting his dragon, his entire family is killed in a raid on his village and Eragon learns that he is the last Dragon Rider. All he has left is his dragon and their adventures begin here.

This book is excellent. It’s a good book for a young adult to read alone, or for parents to read to their children. The best part is that book 2 of this series, to be called Eldest, is coming out mid-August, so the story can continue as you read them back to back. Enjoy!

Dragon Rider
By Cornelia Funke for ages 9-12

In this book, we meet Firedrake, a young silver dragon who is on a mission to save his kind from being destroyed by humans. He must find the Rim of Heaven, a place where all the other silver dragons live in peace.

In his quest for the Rim of Heaven, he receives the help of Ben, a young human boy, and Sorrell, a fairy. They obtain a map from a rat and their journey begins.

Of course, the trip is not going to be easy. They must get past Nettlebrand, a mechanical gold “dragon” who thwarts their every move.

This book is a good choice too. The author writes her characters to that the reader can feel a real affinity for them. Dragon Rider is a must for anyone who likes dragons, fairies and mystical places.

Cornelia Funke also wrote The Thief Lord and Inkheart (not related to Dragon Rider). Both books are also fantastic. Enjoy them!