Andrew’s Pizzeria
79-22 Eliot Avenue
Middle Village, NY
Tel:  718 458 1481

This issue of the Juniper Berry we are spotlighting a new neighborhood star, Andrew’s Pizzeria located on Eliot Avenue and 80th Street in Middle Village. Andrew’s Pizza is another business in Middle Village, happy to be here and delighted to have the opportunity to serve our neighborhood.

Andrew DePergola reentered the business scene in Middle Village after having been absent for several years. When the owner of the Met Food, Bill Fani, wanted to sell the restaurant he contacted Andrew and Andrew jumped at the opportunity to come back to his roots, as his wife, Liz, describes it.

Andrew DePergola came here from Italy 34 years ago when he was a young 14 years of age. Now, he and his wife, Liz, are deeply imbedded in our community, owning their home in Middle Village for over twenty years. They raised their two daughters in Middle Village and both girls went to our local schools. Tne older girl is now a student in Hunter College and she also works at Moves & Motions Dance Studio here in Middle Village. The younger one still attends school in the neighborhood.

When I asked Andrew if he wanted to run an ad in the Juniper Berry he was totally enthusiastic about the idea and he turned his wife, Liz, loose on the project. When I met Liz DePergola I liked her immediately. She is bright, friendly and so happy that Andrew is back in business in Middle Village. She told me how very surprised they were at the warm, actually over the top, welcome they received from the community. She showed me some of the cards and letters that people sent welcoming them back. The DePergolas are community people who get along well with everyone. Liz, who has a big, bright, friendly personality, made it a point to tell me what a good rapport they have with their neighboring businesses on Eliot Avenue. That didn’t surprise me because after about five minutes with Liz I felt like a knew her for many years!

Andrew’s Pizza has all the fine food you would expect in an Italian restaurant. Certainly there’s any kind of pizza you want as well as their delicious entrees, which run the gamut to every Italian epicurean delight. They do catering and Andrew told me they can work with any group, grooming the food to suit the event. Particularly popular is their newly introduced brick oven pizza. Liz told me that this is their biggest seller and they are so happy that they added it to the menu. Additionally, they deliver the food right to your door if you require that service.

This will tell you how good the food is – their employee, Michael, who also lives in Middle Village, told me a funny story. He said that one of their customers, a pregnant woman, was in labor, getting ready to be rushed to the hospital when they got a call from the woman’s father who asked them to please have two chicken parmigiana heroes delivered to their house so they could give it to the woman who craved this meal while in labor! You hear it all in this very diverse city!

No article on Andrew’s Pizzeria would be complete without mentioning the fact that they redecorated the restaurant. You can go in and sit at a table and have a leisurely informal meal with excellent and pleasant surroundings. Most importantly, you can experience the warmth and friendship with all your neighbors, many of whom were in the restaurant while I interviewed Liz DePergola for this article.

We know that Andrew and Liz DePergola will be a big hit in Middle Village for many years to come and we welcome them back to the business scene! Take a look at Andrew’s half page ad in this issue of the Juniper Berry. He was very honored to take this ad and we’re happy to have him aboard. Andrew and Liz DePergola, definitely neighborhood good guys and Juniper Park Civic Association cheerleaders!