Carl Berner Cleans Up
The fact that Carl Berner volunteers in our community is nothing new. Since the 1930’s Mr. Berner has been helping his neighbors and neighborhood with his numerous carpentry and handyman skills. Back in 1938 he was an original member of the Juniper Park Civic Association and those civic pioneers set an example for today’s version of the JPCA. However Mr. Berner unbelievably still is setting that example. In July, over a period of several days Mr. Berner singlehandedly cleaned the weed and debris filled railroad bridge are on Caldwell Avenue. He cleaned 9 tree pits and removed weeds from the bridge area. A formidable job for anyone, except Mr. Berner. He has been working hard all his life. By the way he also carried the bags of garbage and debris over 9 blocks to his house on 81st Street to put them out with the trash for the next Sanitation pick-up. He didn’t want to leave them there for pick-up because it didn’t “look nice.”

And now for the rest of the story… to borrow Paul Harvey’s radio line…you see Mr. Berner will be 103 years old in January. Talk about setting an example for the rest of us.

MOMS Club of MV Visits FDNY
Michelle Brienza, member of the MOMS Club, organized the trip along with her husband Frank, who is a NYC Fireman (he works at a different firehouse, but recommended this one because the guys here know how to make the kids have a great time!!) On August 18th, the Firemen at Engine 287 Ladder 136 on Grand Avenue showed the kids how to squirt water, come down the pole, let us get inside the truck, sit in their seats, try on their gear, took us for a tour of their kitchen and how 13 men always eat together at each meal, what it takes to do the shopping for the firehouse, where they gear up, Michelle Brienza and Lucy Accardo (in pics) got all geared in FDNY attire. The children had a great time! The MOMS Club brought some lasagna, zucchini pie, italian bread and some homemade cakes for the guys to munch on. On behalf of the MOMS Club of Middle Village, NY Lucy Accardo, President and Founder would like to thank the Firehouse for the time, effort and great time! For more information on the MOMS Club please contact Lucia Accardo: or call 718-416-1939.

Middle Village’s Newlyweds
Tanya Marie Magnus daughter of Joe and Margaret Magnus (of the Juniper Park Civic Assoc.) married Christopher Martin Hoos of Whitestone on August 27th at the beautiful Oheka Castle in Huntington. The groom is the son of Martin and Ellen Hoos.

The wedding and reception were absolutely perfect and the Juniper Park Civic Association wishes best of luck to the terrific newlyweds who will reside in Middle Village.
Joe Magnus, of course, is a JPCA friend and Vice President of the Middle Village Volunteer Ambulance Corps.