Astra Tour and Travel
82-l4 Eliot Avenue
Middle Village, N.Y. ll379

Our business spotlight this issue of the Juniper Berry falls on Astra Tour and Travel Agency located on Eliot Avenue in Middle Village, Queens.

Astra Tours and Travel is owned and operated by Florence Pescatore. Her daughter, Lisa, is a partner in the agency. Florence is a native Middle Village/Maspeth resident who married and then raised her own children, Michael and Lisa, in our community. She is what I refer to as a neighborhood cheerleader.

Her kids went to Resurrection Ascension School and St. Francis Prep. She was the classic profile of a mother who chauffeured her children to all the different school events.

She said she is now making the travel arrangements for some of the children who went to school with her kids and who have married and resettled in our area

Florence feels strongly that her daughter, Lisa, brings the young perspective to the travel business.

Florence Pescatore was very active in the Juniper Park Civic Association when we were rearranging the streets to one way and also, when we were setting up the neighborhood watch program. She is quick to point out that she is not afraid to report a problem at any time.

She started Astra Travel about fifteen years ago. She can do a fifteen minute speech on the advantages of using a travel agent for your trips as opposed to surfing the net to make your own arrangements.

The one standout, persuasive point to the advantages of a travel agent is that you will never be stranded on some island because you booked with a fly by night carrier who offered the cheapest price. We have seen the results of disreputable bookings very graphically on the news lately. These unfortunate results puts the terror in travel and with a travel agent your trip will be worry free and enjoyable. Astra Tours has helped numerous youth sports groups plan trips to tournaments, including our very own Midville Dodgers. This is an awesome task since it usually means moving up to 80 people across the country. Florence also made the point that there is no fee when you book with a reputable agent. The travel agents get paid from the carriers, cruise ships, etc.

Florence is married to Pat Pescatore who owns Astro Electric and is also located in our community.

Together the Pescatores represent the stuff that makes for strong, stable neighborhoods.

We’re lucky to have them and we wish them further success in their commitment to our community.