To Juniper Berry:
A tree on Eliot Avenue off 77th Place had a branch hanging precariously – a danger to people and cars. I reported it to the Parks Department several times to no avail. I called Mr. Richard Schick who answered my call promptly. He checked it out and then returned to remove the branch to alleviate any accident from happening. Whenever there was a problem Mr. Schick was available to help. Mr. Schick was a wonderful caring community involved man. We are very sorry to lose him.

Rose M. Pace

Dear Editor:
In the aftermath of Dick Schick's death, the citizens of our community should not let what he accomplished go in vain. I cannot remember the countless number of times Mr.Schick and his crew were seen painting over graffiti on overpasses or alleyway walls. He kept the sparkle of cleanliness that our neighborhood has that no other one in our bordering communities can even compare.

This man was an asset to our community and will be deeply missed by all. His work should be continued by concerned residents of the community to uphold the integrity of the neighborhood by keeping its streets and sidewalks clean and safe.

Respectfully yours,
Leonard C. Rella

To all the nice people of the Juniper Park Civic Assoc.,
I was deeply saddened when I received the Queens Ledger and read that Mr. Schick had passed away. I was his optician in Forest Hills. The first time Richard came to the office he had a copy of The Juniper Berry in his hand. We started talking and before he left – I was a member!

It is a terrible loss for all. Since you are his extended family, I wanted to express my deepest sympathy to all.

Yours truly,

Dear Sir:
Evidently an additional tree-cutting program has been instituted by the City, to the dismay and disappointment of myself and my neighbors.

In the past, I have cringed when I see a tree cutting truck on my block, and know that the full, healthy tree that graces the front of my home will be much LESS after the truck’s departure. I realize that the tree trimming is necessary where utility wires are positioned.

However, everyone who is concerned and has had experience with this situation knows that when we question the workers, the response we receive is, “Do you want beauty or electricity”. Well, my response is “Can we have both?”

Aside, from the trees that are unfortunate enough to be under utility wires, the current, in progress, additional trimming seems to be a total waste of time and money of our tax dollars.

They are currently trimming, or shall I say slaughtering, trees where utility wires are not present. In riding through my neighborhood, I see massive one foot diameter limbs being sawed off of older trees on Eliot Avenue. I also see younger, newly planted trees, being trimmed to death.

The once tall, beautiful tree in front of my father’s house was pruned back to such an extent, it is now 2/3 its original size. There are no utility wires on my father’s side of the street. He was livid. He watered and fed
this young tree for the past five years. Needless to say, there was NO NEED TO TRIM THIS TREE.

You can aesthetically trim a tree where it retains its shape and remains healthy OR you can disfigure and maim a tree and leave it open to disease.

I hope that Commissioner Stern of the Parks Dept is empathetic towards this situation, and fast, because the buzz saws are still zooming away.

Gail Cunningham
Middle Village

Dear Editor:
I read your article in the Juniper Berry and I do agree with you about the traffic situation on Grand Avenue. We have been looking for a better flow of traffic for years. Since the traffic lights were installed, traffic is backed up, Even with the walk signal it is hazardous walking in between cars that move – even when you have the walk signal. To alleviate this, for a better flow of traffic why not make 69th Place a two way street from Caldwell to the Long Island Expressway. Those residents on that block wanted a private street. We are all taxpayers.

Thank you,
Joe DeMarco

Dear Sirs:
Please continue to send me the Juniper Berry. You have no idea how much I enjoy page by page. What memories come to my mind, I love it. I’ve enclosed $20 for the two years. Thanks again I’ve saved all my past copies. Occasionally I refer back to them. Say hello to Robert Holden.

Celia Carrano
Middle Village

Dear Civic Association:
Keep up the good work on the Berry. My husband and I love reading about the past history of Middle Village. We love our neighborhood, but wish that something could be done about Silver Crest Building on Eliot and 80th St. It really is an eyesore.

Thank you,
Anne Eden