The first public school in Middle Village was built in the 1850s on the northeast corner of 69th Street and Juniper Valley Road. It consisted of one room and was made out of wood. This original school burned down and was rebuilt. After it burned a second time, the third known school was built in Middle Village and was called District School #6.
The little red schoolhouse was built in 1880 and was – you guessed it! – painted red. The school was located at the corner of what is now Juniper Valley Road and 69th Street, the same location as the original school. In 1951, when the City cut through and built 69th Lane, they consequently cut the school in half as well, leaving one half of the school standing on 69th Lane. The school used to be located at what is now 63-29 69th Street.
When District School #6 first opened, there were four classrooms and four teachers. By 1883, there were 276 students attending District School #6.

In 1889, it was renamed as Public School 70. In 1906, Public School 87 opened on 80th Street, and Public School 70 became an annex to PS 87. Eventually, the annex was phased out of use, and the New York City Department of Sanitation used it as a warehouse to store road salt until 1960 when the original building was torn down. Today PS 128 now stands on the site.