At the October 28th Juniper Park Civic Association Town Meeting, the New York City Department of Sanitation (DOS) honored Carl Berner for his lifetime (he’ll be 103 in January) of service to the city of New York. Assistant Commissioner, Vito Turso presented Mr. Berner a “Partner in a Cleaner New York Certificate of Appreciation.” This award is presented to individuals that play an active and prominent leadership role in maintaining the cleanliness of their communities. In presenting this certificate to Carl
Berner, the DOS is honoring his civic spirit and life-long commitment to making Middle Village a better place.

Mr. Berner single-handedly cleaned several debris and weed infested areas of the community and maintains several community gardens. Upon receiving his certificate of recognition, Mr. Berner's name joined other recipients, such as Citizens for NYC, The Bayside Business Association and The Council for a Cleaner Chinatown.