The Juniper Juniors came out in force for a “It’s My Park” day at Juniper Park on October 16. The New York City Parks
Department Partnership for Parks organized the event.

As the JJrs are so famous for, they raked, swept, and planted more daffodils. When you visit the park this spring, you’ll see the results of the planting of daffodils. Enjoy the view and thank the Juniper Juniors.

The ground at the southwest entrance to the park was as hard as rock for digging the holes for the daffodils, but the kids kept at it. The Juniors would like to thank the anonymous elderly man who parked and joined the youngsters in the hole digging and who then gave directions for planting.Thank you neighbor! We wish there were more like you.

Thanks to Helen Ho from Partnership for Parks for organizing the event and for visiting the Juniors with solutions to our difficulties.The kids appreciated the visit and recognition from Dorothy Lewandowski, Queens Borough Parks Commissioner and Joanne Amagrande, Queens Borough Chief of Staff as well as the Juniper Park Staff who kept us supplied and assigned to projects. The Juniper Juniors think these folks are the greatest.

Two weeks later, on November 6, the Juniors were again energetically out on a graffiti cleanup organized by Council Member Dennis Gallagher and his staff, particularly Kerri Steinmuller who must have had a dozen arms and legs that day, she was instantly handling so many requests.

The Juniors removed graffiti from mailboxes and garages near Saint Margaret’s, along Furmanville and on Juniper Valley Road. It so happens that this is a particularly hard hit area with frequent graffiti vandalism that now will have police attention. Residents in this vicinity who would like the Juniper Juniors to help remove graffiti from their property should contact the JPCA or email to ask for a cleanup. Here’s the deal: You supply the paint – your choice of color, plus brushes and/or rollers, drop cloths, etc, the Juniors will supply the enthusiastic cleanup! You can then later thank these youngsters with snacks and juice or soda. If your property
has a vandalized community drive, you can make the event
into a vandalism cleanup block party. Get your neighbors involved.

Want your own kids to participate in the Juniper Junior civic and community activities? Contact: You pay nothing and your family earns the respect and thanks from the community.