Middle Village Under Siege from Bike Thieves

Have you noticed as I have the pack of kids who are not residents of our community that are riding throughout Middle Village and Elmhurst, mostly two to a bike? I know I have. It seems odd that, at times, if you see the pack, 15 minutes later there seems to be more bikes and less kids doubling up. I guess you know what just happened!

Middle Village residents have come under siege with gangs of young punks who enter our community and steal our childrens’ bikes. In the last few weeks alone, bike after bike has been stolen from community drives and from Juniper Valley Park by these young thugs. What can be done?

The prime targets of these bike gangs are the “Dyno Bikes,” which can cost up to $500.00, and which seem to be a growing fad. Parents should think twice about buying these bikes because their kids could unfortunately become the targets of a vicious attack.

Second, parents should take the time out of their busy schedules to go to their local police station and get their children's bikes ”etched” so that there is some sort of identification if a stolen bike is recovered.

Third, we should all join together to demand enforcement of existing laws to insure the safety of our kids. The law requires the wearing of helmets at all times and only one person riding on one bike. The Police Department must be pro-active and pull kids over and if necessary, summons them. It’s a shame in our society, that we cannot reward our children with a good bike, a good pair of sneakers, or a good basketball, or anything for that matter, without feeling that instead of rewarding them we are putting them in peril. The Police Department must start treating these young thugs like real criminals. Bring them into the police station, press charges! Even if it has the effect of deterring one or two from stealing, it will have been worth the effort. We know that times have changed and we all have to take responsibility to protect the children of our community. The time is now!


The 104th Precinct has received several complaints regarding unauthorized persons attempting to gain entry into residential homes in the community. These individuals have been posing as utilities employees, home repair contractors and Police Department personnel.

The New York City Police Department advises that you follow the following precautions:
1. Before opening the door to an unknown guest, use the door viewer or intercom to communicate with the visitor.
2. Ask for proper photo identification from the employee and examine it carefully. Don’t open your door unless you are positively sure of the identification. Call the
company or service involved to verify.
3. If possible, have a friend, relative or neighbor present before admitting any stranger into your home.
4. If you are not expecting workers at your home, do not allow them access into your home.
5. If you are offered a “Great Deal” on a repair estimate, watch out!! Chances are it is a scam. Get quotes from
licensed, reputable contractors.
6. Report all suspicious persons or activity to the
police (911)!!

If you have any questions or have been a victim of any fraudulent crimes and would like a free home security survey, please contact: 104 Precinct Crime Prevention Officer at (718) 386-6223

Using and Abusing Our Streets

For at least two years now the corner of 74th Street (eastside) near the Long Island Service Road has been taken over by a dealer selling used cars. To add insult to injury, the cars often extend into the crosswalk (pictured above)! Repeated complaints from neighbors has yielded little response from the 104th Precinct. Although some tickets have been issued, apparently it is not enough to discourage this blantant disregard for the community. It is illegal to sell cars on the streets of the City of New York. This guy however is getting away with (at least up until now). The salesman even gives away his business card, from “Middle Village Motors,” of Metropolitan Avenue, which he tucks into side driver’s window of the cars.