With fond regards, residents of Ridgewood, Glendale, Middle Village, and Maspeth bid farewell to Deputy Inspector Scott Shanley, who is transferring to a new command at the 30th Precinct in Harlem.

Now, the same community welcomes, with great hope, Captain Keith Green as the new Commanding Officer of the 104th Precinct.

When then-Captain Shanley arrived some three or so years ago, he made a welcome impression on the community by promptly handling the several quality-of-life problems that were then plaguing us. We had motorized scooters everywhere, at all hours, with the noise and dangerous interference with auto traffic. They’re mainly gone now.

We had the rowdy teens hanging out by PS128, the 7-11, on streets all through the nights, in the parks, in community drives, vandalizing by destruction of property or through graffiti. This problem has been reduced.

We had the abandoned and derelict cars and trucks parked in the same spots for months without moving. Many cars were stolen elsewhere and dumped in our neighborhoods. Captain Shanley took this seriously and vastly reduced the problem.

Tractor/trailers were being parked overnight where such parking was (and still is illegal). When the complaints reached Captain Shanley, he handled the problem.

Captain and eventually Deputy Inspector Shanley attended just about every COP104 meeting and directly listened and spoke to anyone who spoke up about any problem that required police intervention. He and his officers heard the neighbors’ complaints regarding the drag racing on Maurice Avenue or of the noisy and rowdy patrons as the various bars closed on weekends. Frequently enough, it was reports from neighbors regarding drug sales or prostitution that prompted the officers’ surveillance and closing down of those problems.

Deputy Inspector Shanley is a gracious gentleman in his dealings with the residents of the precinct, and his humor and professionalism will keep him on a successful career track. We, who came to know him, wish Inspector Shanley all the best in his new assignment.

Captain Green, arriving from Staten Island as the Commanding Officer of the Narcotics Bureau: Welcome.

We want you to succeed because your success and the success of all the officers in the 104th Precinct results in increased safety in this community. (We are a selfish people.)

Although Inspector Shanley tackled and resolved so many problems, any inattention will permit them to quickly get out of control, so we all hope that the pressure on scooters, vandalism, graffiti, drag racing, etc will continue. No relief for the perps.

By the time this issue of the Berry is published, fireworks will once again top the list of problems for several weeks. Apart from the fact that the noise drives pets crazy, there is the fear of fire. So many homes in this community are wood frame, and built shoulder to shoulder. A fire can easily destroy several homes in minutes, devastating quite a few families.

Please, again, let there be zero tolerance on all fireworks. Patrol the entire precinct for the several weeks, day and night. Make the arrests and confiscate all fireworks.

Naturally, Captain Green, you are welcome at every COP104 meeting. These meetings are an excellent opportunity for police officials and community residents to exchange useful information. Since so many ordinary, law-abiding people have an abiding fear of police (unpaid tickets from their youth?), it is important for people to speak to the police in these informal settings.

Patrol Borough, Queens North Chief Tuller attended just a single COP104 meeting in the five or so years that this writer has attended these meetings. (This writer never missed but two meetings.) Tuller’s attendance at that meeting was a direct result of this writer’s letters to the editor in local newspapers complaining about the 104th’s unresponsiveness to nightly out-of-control teens rampaging and vandalizing throughout this neighborhood.

The situation has vastly improved, but no thanks to Chief Tuller. It was the JPCA’s impression over the years that Chief Tuller had no interest in the 104th Precinct or the concerns of its residents.

Chief Diana Pizzuti, who has an impressive resume, has now replaced Chief Tuller. Chief Pizzuti would be welcomed at any and all the COP104 meetings, and her attendance would serve to demonstrate that she does, indeed, support the efforts of the 104th precinct, its officers and its residents and their concerns.

To Chief Pizzuti, Captain Green: Welcome! To Inspector Shanley: Farewell. To all and the officers: Here’s to success!

If you would like to talk to Captain Green about any police matter or concerns you have in your neighborhood, feel free to attend a monthly COP104 meeting, held on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at locations throughout the precinct. Look for posters announcing the next meeting and its location. These meetings are useful to learn more about your community, and for you and your neighbors to inform the Captain of incidents and problems in your neighborhood.

Also, you can e-mail the Captain at adm104@gw.nypd.org.
The email at the 104th has been disabled for nearly 18 months, resulting in your emails being returned. As an alternative until the email connection is restored, write the Captain at:

64-02 Catalpa Ave
Ridgewood, NY 11385-5257

Feel free to send the mail to info@junipercivic.com or to POLICEBEAT104@AOL.COM with the request that we get your information to the precinct. If the matter is confidential or you prefer we do not read your mail, mail your information to the address above.

Are you interested in participating in civilian patrol of the community, phone GCOP/104COP at 718-497-1500.

Do you have questions or comments for Captain Green that you want published in the next issue of this column? Just e-mail: POLICEBEAT104@AOL.COM or write this column at:

Police Beat 104
C/O Juniper Park Civic Association
P.O. Box 790275
Middle Village, NY 11379

We will keep your identity private if you request. If you request, we will forward your question or comment to Captain Green and publish his reply in the next issue.