Construction was to have started in spring 2007, but didn’t start until last October. Why was phase 1 delayed?

There were delays in awarding the contract due to an incomplete proposal by the lowest bidder.

Have any further details about what will be in the park been determined?

The design work for phase two is scheduled to begin this month. This phase will likely include a small playground, walking paths, a comfort station, a flagpole, a kinetic sculpture, benches, quiet sitting area for seniors, small area of synthetic turf for ‘pick-up’ ball play, additional plantings and an underground irrigation system. While there has been some discussion of incorporating a Vietnam Memorial into the park, a preliminary design has not yet been developed.

How will the big boulder be incorporated into the design of the park?

The precise location and use of the big boulder has yet to be determined. This work will be part of the Phase 2 plan.

When can we expect to see the park open to the public?

Phase I construction is scheduled for completion in November of 2008. Since Phase I is mostly preparatory work involving heavy duty grading, retaining walls, and subgrade utilities, the park will not be open to the public following Phase I completion. Phase II construction is scheduled to start in spring 2009 and a possible opening date of spring 2010 has been forecasted.