As an avid brewed tea drinker, Eric Skae woke early one morning in 2003 and decided to blend his favorite brewed teas with various fruit flavors. Using family and friends as his tasters, the concept of New Leaf was born.

In 2004, after over 10 years of working with beverage giants including AriZona and Fresh Samantha and helping to increase their sales and distribution, Eric discovered that the beverage market was filled with options that either taste great, but are not good for you or are healthier choices, but are lacking in taste. He had an idea: “Why not launch my own beverage company and fill a void found in today’s market?”

As an executive with extensive experience in sales, marketing, business planning, finance and the general management of rapid growth and startup operations, Eric opted to start Skae Beverage International, LLC.

New Leaf is an all natural line of green, white and blue teas organically sweetened with evaporated cane juice. Flavors offered include: White Tea Tangerine, White Tea Strawberry, White Tea Honey and Ginseng, White Tea Honeydew Melon, Green Tea Plum, Green Tea Ginseng, Blue Tea Lemon, Blue Tea Raspberry, and Blue Tea Peach.

What is Blue Tea, you ask? The Tea Masters of Ancient China recognized six tea families, each classified by a different color. Oolong Tea is known as blue tea because in its dried leaf form it has a bluish reflection.
Clem Daly, Area Manager of New Leaf teas in New York, is a lifelong resident of Middle Village. He has a constant presence with New Leaf at local events and is proud to bring a brand to the area that not only tastes good but is also a “better for you” beverage. “I am so pleased with the reception of New Leaf into my neighborhood,” says Daly. “Introducing the brand has allowed me to expose New Leaf to local friends and family, while making new friends along the way.”