I am proud to announce that New York State Governor George E. Pataki will be the special guest speaker at our next Town Meeting on Thursday, September 24th, at Our Lady of Hope School Auditorium.The meeting will start earlier, 7:00pm, to accommodate the Governor’s extremely tight schedule.

That night he will be awarded the Juniper Park Civic Association’s 1998 “Man of the Year” Award. Previous winners have included Councilman Tom Ognibene (1996) and Mayor Rudy Giuliani(1997). We at the Juniper Park Civic Association feel that these men have shown that firm leadership and commitment to core principles can transform political and popular vision into government policies that position our city and state for the 21st Century.

About Governor Pataki
Gov. Pataki was born on June 24, 1945, on his Peekskill, New York, family farm, which he still runs with his family. He is a 1967 graduate of Yale University and a 1970 graduate of Columbia Law School, both of which he attended on academic scholarships. The Governor, his wife, the former Elizabeth (Libby) Rowland, and their children Emily, Teddy, Allison and George Owen reside in Garrison, NY, along the lower Hudson River.

Gov. Pataki’s personal hero is Theodore Roosevelt. Like TR, Governor Pataki loves the outdoors and has taken bold and important steps toward protecting New York’s natural resources, while continuing to promote economic growth.

Before being elected Governor, George Pataki served 10 years in the state Legislature and was Mayor of his hometown. He was the youngest mayor ever of the City of Peekskill, and was re-elected with the largest plurality in the city's history.

New York State’s first Republican-Conservative chief executive, Gov. Pataki was elected November 8, 1994 with a mandate to restore hope and opportunity to a state that had suffered under years of failed policies that led to economic stagnation, high crime rates and a loss of optimism in the Empire State’s future.

The Governor quickly reversed those failures — by cutting personal and business taxes, replacing welfare with workfare, enacting the death penalty, lengthening prison terms for violent felons, cracking down on environmental criminals, improving health care for children, and freeing the private sector to create jobs for New Yorkers.

The formula is working. After leading the nation for so long in raising taxes, New York now leads in cutting taxes. New York has gone from major job loser to a major job gainer. Once saddled with America’s worst welfare system, New York has now reduced the welfare rolls by nearly 500,000 people. Once ridiculed for crime in the streets, New York now leads major states in reducing violent crime. Fiscally responsible budgeting has turned record budget deficits into record surpluses.