Yes, as I gather my thoughts and contemplate the tenor, text and direction of part 2, one thing that has remained constant since part 1 was published 3 months ago is the nasty weather. One thing that’s new as the facts come to light with the roll-out of ObamaCare is the utter incompetence incorporated into the design and implementation of the ObamaCare website, which has clearly diluted the hyperbole that was used to sell ObamaCare. And, since the tentacles of ObamaCare reach out to control 1/6th of our economy, it has had a chilling effect on the jobs outlook–period. Indeed the 2700 pages document is living up to the old adage, “The Devil is in the Details.” And, obviously all the details come after the period. As a matter of fact, the policy of the Obama administration in every agency that makes up the federal government has done everything to thwart job growth in the private sector by placing fines, fees and other restrictions on private enterprise.

On October 28, 1886 President Grover Cleveland dedicated the iconic Statue of Liberty that was erected on Bedloe Island in New York Harbor. The majestic statue of Lady Liberty welcomed immigrants with open arms to America. But, just as the New York skyline has changed and our population has grown to over 300 million people since 1886 we must refine and change our immigration policy to fit the needs of a 21st Century America. Clearly, we cannot adopt a, one size fits all, policy. Each individual case must be vetted, that is, to examine, investigate or evaluate in a thorough expert way the merits of that case.

The diversity of 21st Century America presents several challenges. Most important among them is to stress the use of English as the language to conduct all government business. Dr. Charles Krauthammer notes in his New York Times best- selling book “Things That Matter” about the importance of a [linguistic unity that brings a critically needed cohesion to a nation as diverse, multiracial and multiethnic as America. How mindless to call that desire “racist“.] Without question, a 21st Century America united with an official language will be a premier economic force in a “Global Economy”.

The need for an official language is imperative not only to facilitate the interaction of Americans with government and business but to allow Americans to better communicate amongst themselves. [Words are the life blood of the human species. They help circulate thoughts, ideas and dreams from one person to another. They nourish as they soothe us, they can make us boil. Words can cure, mend and heal. The right word can work like medicine.] A common language is the pillar upon which a civil society rests.

Education is another crucial component of the jobs market. It’s beyond tragic that the United States has fallen to number 22 with regard to the education of its young people. Young people are the human resource so necessary for America to lead the world economically in the 21st Century. Notwithstanding some exceptions, our public schools have done a very poor job of teaching the 3R’s, that is, reading, writing and arithmetic which are the underpinnings of critical thinking. It is the grasp of “Critical Thinking” that enables students to understand problems that they have not faced in the past. In addition to the previous mentioned fact, the public education system is not training our young people for the jobs of the future. With jobs being classified as unskilled, semi-skilled, skilled and professional, it is apparent that many students are being educated for Yesterday’s jobs. To highlight this point, I call to your attention a recent fact noted on Fox News: Graduates from major law schools with good grades are having a difficult time finding a job. It is my observation that this is the result of too many lawyers seeking the same job. Trade jobs that require a reasonable amount of skill and are hands on will be needed as we rebuild our infrastructure, manufacturing facilities, supply newly designed equipment to our military and harvest the natural resources that will supply low cost energy to industry and households. Good paying Engineering, Managerial and Sales jobs will also be available in these growing fields of employment.

Because of our antiquated immigration system, bright, foreign students who gain a sterling education at our top institutions cannot easily obtain a resident card. Therefore, they export themselves and take the skills they have learned back to their homeland. That resulted in my 718-358-0900 call to Time Warner Cable being answered by a technician in the Philippines. The moral of the story: internet jobs in the USA are declining,

I close with this note: Remember to pray for our veterans and E Pluribus Unum.