Dear Editor,
Last year I had the misfortune of my father dying and at the same time my mother was dying of cancer.

Due to family circumstances I decided to stay in Maspeth, to be of help. So, in a mutual decision, my husband returned home to Florida.

It absolutely amazed me how much in the last 5 years, since I moved to Florida, how much Maspeth had changed. I somehow didn’t notice it or I guess I didn’t pay attention to what was happening in Maspeth when we would come for a visit. But since I was in Maspeth for over a year, as the days went on I saw that the neighborhood no longer had that small town feeling.

People who own homes are illegally renting out every nook and cranny.

This causes a burden on every form of the quality of essential services. Education, roads, utilities and the stress it inflicts on life itself it all takes it’s toll. If not today it will be tomorrow.

While I was back in Maspeth there was a horrible house fire in lower Maspeth, the entire house was burnt to the ground. The sad thing was that there were so many illegal rooms that lives were lost.

It’s even come to the point where you can’t find a place to park, even in front of your own home.

The traffic situation on Grand Ave. is horrendous due to the overcrowding of illegal tenants.

Adding to the misery is the way the traffic flows from 69th St. and Grand Ave. I consider it a pedestrian and vehicle death trap.

People of Maspeth wake up!

Don’t allow the almighty dollar ruin the quality of life
in what was and to a degree still is a home spun town. Report any illegal renters. Get involved in your community. It’s your home and neighborhood I am concerned about.

Please get back the Maspeth as it should be with the appropriate amount of residents.

That means a single family dwelling is just that, a single family dwelling.

Stop the greed and in most cases death traps.

It’s not just the present but your children’s future is at stake with the quality of life in a town I will always think of as home.

To the Editor,
With the upcoming construction projects on the long Island Expressway and the Brooklyn-queens Expressway, I would like to make a couple of suggestions.

When the Long Island Expressway was widened there were public meetings held and we were given a chance to vote whether or not we wanted sound barriers. My area wanted the sound barriers others did not. I think the sound barriers help alot to buffer the noise, it’s a lot noisier a couple of blocks away by the Midway Nursing Home. I would rather look at a wall with trees and ivy than see and hear trucks and cars.

The other thing is we got to make sure they do a good job landscaping. Has anyone noticed the beautiful job by the sound barriers in Nassau and Suffolk? They could have done a better job in Queens. There are plenty of large open areas that could use trees and shrubs on the sides of the L.I.E.

I have called and written the Department of Highways asking for more landscaping with no results.

Thank you,
Richard Polgar

Dear Editor,
Did you notice business posters (illegally placed) on utility poles? Each year you see more and more. This is an eyesore to the public and distracts motorists when driving (resulting in) accidents and deaths. Why is it our elected officials don’t do anything about this?

This is free advertisements for businesses.

Thank you,
J. DeSena

Dear Editor:
I enjoyed your September issues, especially the poetry.
Enclosed is a poem, I hope you can use it.

The Midville Dodgers-
by John A. Roberts
The outlook wasn’t
brilliant for the Midville nine that day
the bases were loaded against them in the final
inning of play
then they turned a double
Holden to Sciulli to Schick finding their fields of dreams was no easy trick
shades of Pee Wee, Campy, Jackie, Duke and Hodges
finally safe at home
our beloved Midville Dodgers.

John A. Roberts
Middle Village

Dear Editor,
You will find enclosed my money order for my dues a donation to the “Juniper Berry” and thanks to all those who work so hard making it possible.

Sincerely Yours,
Madeline Kolinski

ps. I do enjoy your magazine and newspaper, Thank you all.

Madeline: Your comments are greatly appreciated. Thank you! ed.