Posthumous Poems
I submit posthumously two poems written by my one-and-only and very fine brother-in-law, James P. Santora. Jim was one of the first to pass away from COVID on April 3, 2020. He became a happy Middle Village resident when he married my sister in 1990. And so, I sincerely hope you will print these in your Poetry Corner in the next Juniper Berry edition. It would mean so much to us.

Angela M. Fazio
Middle Village
(See James’ poems here. – Ed.)

Time To Say Goodbye
After 22 years in this great neighborhood, a little gem of NYC, we are moving out east to the North Fork of LI into a 55+ community. Truly hoping our new neighborhood will be as socially acceptable and friendly as the folks we have shared life with in these past decades. It has been a blessing to have had a home in this community.

We wish everyone continued health and prosperity. Please continue your good work to keep the quality of life of this community your priority and please never give up the fight to keep it a safe place to live for people of all ages and ethnicities. Thank you one & all, we will miss you.

Maria Paulo & Anne Ferraro
Middle Village

Truly Grateful
Our band, Seven Wonders, A Fleetwood Mac Flashback, had the exciting opportunity to share our music on July 27, 2021 at Juniper Valley Park. We want to thank you again for inviting us. We had a great time with the wonderful people of Middle Village. We hope to see you again.

Monica Spano
Seven Wonders

A New Tradition
In the Netherlands, if you die and have no friends or family to attend your funeral, they will send a civil servant and a poet who shall read a custom poem for you at your funeral so that you won’t be alone that day. It was started by poets/artists Maarten Inghels and F. Starik and is named “The Lonely Funeral” project. I would like to start this tradition here.

Vincent Tomeo

Stop The Waste
I have read several articles on building waste transfer stations on Long Island due to the closing of landfills in Newsday. The idea that seems to be gaining traction is putting the garbage/recyclables in train cars. There is one big problem with this idea. The trains have to pass through Queens and most likely at night. As a lifelong Queens resident this will not happen. I hope to make this an issue in the Mayoral election and the Queens Borough President Race. Could you imagine the outcry on Long Island if NYC tried to put their trash on trains at night through Long Island? It would not happen.

Joe Hartigan

Memories of 9/11
I am a Middle Village resident and retired NYPD 9/11 rescue worker.
I have written a 16 page story involving all I had done and witnessed that day.
Thank you.

John Ferriso
Middle Village
(John’s story is here, in its entirety. – Ed.)