Last year in the frenzy to pass legislation aimed at handcuffing police, the City Council passed what came to be known as the “Diaphragm Bill” which would have brought criminal charges against any officer who compressed a suspect’s diaphragm during an arrest. The police unions sued over the bill and a judge agreed with them in June, striking the law down as unconstitutional since the wording was deemed too vague to legally interpret. The use of chokeholds by cops is already a felony crime under New York State law and violates NYPD policy. The City Council law took it a step further by making any application of pressure to a person’s neck, back or torso a misdemeanor. Not only was this whole fiasco embarrassing since lawmakers are sworn to uphold the Constitution instead of pass laws that violate it, but we were made to suffer a cadre of “woke” fools who marched through our town calling everyone racist and chanting obscenities in support of an unconstitutional law.