During the 2016 Maspeth shelter fight, the fundraisers for the lawsuit against the shelter promised the people of Maspeth that their unused donations would be repurposed for beautification efforts such as graffiti and litter removal and tree pit care. Organizers weren’t sure after the hotel was vacated if the DHS was going to try to open another shelter in the area, so the funds were held in case of emergency. But now that 5 years have passed it seems like the right time to start using the leftover funds for their promised purpose. Citizens for a Better Maspeth started purchasing paint and equipment for Assembly Member Barnwell’s community cleanups which take place every Sunday. Along with organizer David Rosasco and a group of volunteer youths, including missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Brian is tending to areas that need sprucing up. Weed trimmers, trash bags, gloves, paint sprayers and paint in a palette of colors are some of the supplies that are being purchased with the more than $42,000 remaining from the fight.