Isn't it great to see all the 9/11 memorial flags on the poles in Middle Village? So many people have told me that the flags are beautiful and evoke memories of small town America. More importantly they are a reminder of all the people who lost their lives by a senseless act committed in the name of God, or in this case, Allah. It is difficult not to resurrect the intense anger we all felt on that particular day. Memorials, however, are slowly easing the transition. For those who lost their loved ones, the transition will never be made. Once again, we express our deepest sympathy to them.

Seeing the flags flying over Juniper Valley Park is particularly awesome since the open fields make them more visible. Also, seeing the park alive and active makes you realize how we must all go forward with our lives, not to do so means the terrorists are the winners. I know, it's hard ever to think of anyone who will blow themselves up as a “winner.”

We thank all the merchants and people in the area who bought flags, they were so generous. At some point we will collect all the names and list them in the Juniper Berry.

We must give special thanks to the catalyst behind the memorials, Bob Holden. Believe me, this guy never rests. We are so fortunate that he chose to live in our area and we reap the rewards of his boundless energy. Thanks, Bob. Also, we should express gratitude to Ed Kamperman. Ed worked hard directing the sites for the flags. Thanks, Ed.