Grand Eyesore Mess (top)
The biggest eyesore in the community by far has been this building located on the corner of Grand Avenue and 83rd Street in Elmhurst. The building has been boarded up for quite some time and the owner doesn’t bother to maintain it or clean the graffiti or trash that’s sitting against his building. The rear of the building faces St. Adalbert’s School making the entire neighborhood look rundown.

75th Street House of horrors (bottom, left)
This corner house located at 6143 75 Street is directly across the street from Juniper Valley Park. The owner disregards several zoning and city regulations. For instance there is an illegal sign posted on the side of the building advertising a construction company. Graffiti, failure to sweep sidewalks, cars blocking sidewalk and an additional curb cut all add to the mess.

Dry Harbor Rd. Boxed in (bottom right)
This house, located at 62-98 Dry Harbor Road just east of Juniper Boulevard North, has been periodically getting dozens of large boxes delivered. Needless to say the neighbors are upset at the sight of this huge delivery recently. The authorities should investigate this suspicious looking shipment which seems to be a regular occurrence. At the very least it looks like a violation of
zoning, deliveries like this are usually done in a commercial zone.