Without much fanfare the new playground at upper Juniper Valley Park quietly opened recently. There were no announcements or ribbon cutting and one would have to conclude that the park was opened prematurely since the slides still had sharp edges, according to workers inspecting the installation.

When I noticed that the playground was open on Wednesday, May 1st, I decided to stop and let my kids try it out. Upon entering the park I was accosted by a woman with her young son who swore at me and yelled “You stupid #$@*, look how small this is! I am writing to the papers! I am complaining! I could’ve stay home for this!” My response was “Okay. First off I would like to know where you were when I needed help lobbying for this park? Oh, at home? I am so surprised. Maybe your big voice could have gotten us more equipment. Secondly, I didn’t pick out the equipment, pay for it or install it, I merely wanted the old equipment removed because it was dangerous. If you hadn’t run away just then I would have told you the job wasn’t complete and that we are lobbying to have other pieces installed around it. I also would have told you how many volunteer hours I had put into getting the dangerous equipment removed (since contrary to what you believe I do not get paid for any of this). Also, very importantly, I would have told you that the NYC Park Dept. and your Councilman Dennis Gallagher were efficient enough to have it done quickly for our kids. I guess no good deed goes unpunished, and in addition you should be ashamed of yourself for acting like that in front of children. Will you teach your child that if he isn’t happy with a situation he should scream, swear and generally make a fool of himself? It is ignorant people like you who are the first people to complain and the last to lift a finger to help anyone in the community. I am looking forward to seeing you and your child at all the free festivities I have planned for Juniper Valley Park, sucking off the good of other people, never saying thank you and giving nothing in return. You really know how to discourage the good in anyone.”