‘THAT’S MY BROTHER’ — Celia Carrano of Middle Village, displays the famous photo of her brother Carl Muscarello, formerly of Middle Village, at a special exhibit of old time photos on display at a meeting of the Mario Lanza Lodge, 2491, Middle Village at Our Lady of Hope Church. The photo shows Mr. Muscarello, a jubilant sailor who is kissing nurse, Edith Shain, in a victory celebration in Times Square. News was received that Japan surrendered to the Allied Forces on August 14th,1945, ending World War ll. The photo appeared in Life Magazine on August 27th,1945 and was taken by the famous photographer, Alfred Eisenstaedt.

Mr. Muscarello, is now a retired N.Y. C. detective living in Florida. The photo, taken fifty-three years ago of an embrace between two strangers, convinced Americans that the war was really over.

— Photograph by Ben. Schiff
from: Mario Lanza Lodge, #2491, Middle Village – Order Sons of Italy In America