f you’ve ever found yourself in the unfortunate position of needing to drive through the turnaround under Woodhaven Blvd, you surely have seen something reportable. A lot of unsavory behavior happens at this location: dumping, graffiti, homeless encampments, etc. – you name it, it probably can be found there. Most of these things are simply unsightly, but there’s another trend that’s downright dangerous. Truckers are pulling over to sleep, work on their vehicles, use the area as a bathroom, etc. and it’s causing traffic jams. This photo (right) was taken the evening of March 17th. A bus from the Glendale yeshiva was trying to navigate through, but got stuck due to the presence of 2 large trucks parked at the end of the underpass. The entrance to a pedestrian bridge is also in the vicinity making it even more important to keep the lanes clear. Unfortunately, there are no signs prohibiting parking at this location. This is something that needs to be addressed by DOT.