The Juniper Park Civic Association and COMET together with residents in Maspeth and Middle Village have placed traffic safety as the main concern in their community. Council Members Tom Ognibene and Walter McCaffrey have responded and have been working to address these concerns. The following are some measures recently implemented by the Department of Transportation (DOT) to address the problems:

• DOT, on a request from Councilman Ognibene and the Juniper Park Civic Association, installed turning lanes at the intersection of 69th Street and Eliot Ave. This is one of the most dangerous intersections in the community.
• On a request from Councilman Ognibene, DOT installed daylighting (no standing) on the corner of 79th Street and Juniper Valley Road (behind St. Margaret’s School).
• Traffic lights were recently installed on 80th Street (in front of PS87) and on 71st Street and Metropolitan Avenue on requests from Councilman Ognibene. A traffic light was also installed on the corner of 62nd Avenue and 80th Street.
• On a request from Councilman Ognibene’s office, DOT will conduct a study in order to reduce truck traffic through our residential areas.
• Last summer a young boy was killed at the intersection of Grand Avenue and 59th Street. As a result of Councilman McCaffrey’s recommendation, the DOT will be installing a traffic signal at this intersection no later than September 30, 1998.
• In order to deter speeders on the west bound service road of the Long Island Expressway, the Department of Transportation installed “Speed Limit” signs on this dangerous strip. The 104th Precinct will now be able to issue violations to the speeders.
• “Speed Limit” signs are slated to be installed along Maurice Avenue between the Long Island Expressway and 65th Place. This will help to slow down speeders and act as a deterrent to drag racers.
• In order to relieve congestion on Grand Avenue, which is
the most dangerous intersection in Maspeth, McCaffrey asked the Department of Transportation to install “Grid Lock Boxes” at the intersection of Grand Avenue and the westbound service road of the Long Island Expressway.
• The traffic signals at Grand Avenue and 69th Street, and at the west bound service road of the Long Island Expressway have been retimed. A “delay” was put on the signal which allows pedestrians crossing time before turning traffic can move. This has been extremely helpful to senior citizens.