Summer is finally here and by the time you read this school will probably be out. It’s time for fun and games, the familiar jingle of the ice cream truck, sleeping with the A/C on, going to the beach and so much more. There is so much to do during the summer, such as doing those summer homework projects or helping your parents clean the yard, or getting a job. The only thing is, no one wants to do those things at all. I'm definitely not looking forward to reading 4 books and doing a math packet.

But, what I am looking forward to is working at my first job this summer. I am very excited and actually can't wait to get to work. I may not sound very sane right now, but hear me out. Let's say you wake up at noon and are ready to hang out at two, but have to beg your parents for $20 before leaving so you have money. Now, wouldn't you rather wake up a few hours earlier, go to work, make your own money, and then go hang out at two with the $20 in your pocket with no arguments necessary? To me, it’s a triple win situation. You get your own money, still get to hang out, and your parents can't yell at you for being lazy.

This is only but my opinion, and you don't have to do what I'm doing but make sure you do something you enjoy this summer. Remember to be smart and be safe. Never walk alone at night, hang out with people you trust, don't do drugs, and you know the rest. Until next time!