Watch a video of NY1's Inside City Hall taped Friday, May 23rd where the candidates for Council District 30's special election debate each other.

I was invited to be a guest at the taping. Although Elizabeth Crowley said during the debate that she felt she was the best candidate because she “brings people together” and “is not divisive in any way”, she and her companion, Evan Stavisky, refused to sit in the green room with the rest of the candidates and their guests.

While the candidates were being interviewed, we watched the taping on closed circuit television.

The general consensus of people who have watched the debate is that Tom Ognibene was the most skilled debater, having been councilmember for 10 years, and Charles Ober came across as knowledgeable and competent. Anthony Como and Elizabeth Crowley made it clear that they are both totally unqualified for public office. Como could not answer a simple question about the capital budget and Crowley could not explain her campaign finance fraud and kept talking about her children to divert attention from the issue.

But don't take my word for it – watch the video for yourself and decide. I can vouch that nothing was edited out of the tape except the commercials about halfway through.

If video does not appear, click here to watch.