Maspeth, NY – Council Member Robert Holden, in a significant move to address the ongoing issues of aggressive panhandling and harassment at the Maspeth Home Depot parking lot, has successfully collaborated with Home Depot and the Juniper Park Civic Association.

The Council Member recently joined Tony Nunziato, President of the Juniper Park Civic Association, in a productive meeting with Home Depot to discuss these critical issues.

Home Depot has acknowledged the gravity of the situation, stating, “Any trespassing on our property – as well as the unfortunate event you detailed during our meeting – are unacceptable.”

In response, Home Depot has pledged to take swift action with several key initiatives:

Increased Security: Additional off-duty officers will be deployed within the next two weeks to assist in removing individuals who are trespassing, harassing, or acting nefariously on the property.
Relocation and Enhancement of Monitoring Tower: The “live view tower,” which allows for remote monitoring, will be adjusted in its location. The tower may also play music during business hours, a tactic effective in other locations to deter loiterers without impacting shoppers.
Collaboration with Law Enforcement and Legal Teams: Home Depot is coordinating with DA Katz for a store walk-through and has contacted NYPD for support. The walk will address both security concerns and the issue of repeat offenders. Home Depot’s real estate attorneys will also engage with the property manager overseeing nearby restaurants and shops for a coordinated effort.

“My constituents deserve to shop locally without harassment, panhandling, or verbal assault,” said Council Member Holden. “I’m pleased that Home Depot has taken this matter seriously, dedicating time to meet with me and our civic leaders and pledging swift action to resolve this matter. Quality of life is paramount, and it is my responsibility to ensure that both our constituents and businesses can operate freely without issue.”

The local precincts have also been engaged to assist in addressing these issues effectively.

Council Member Holden remains committed to ensuring a safe and welcoming environment for all residents and visitors in the Maspeth area. This collaboration marks a significant step towards improving the quality of life and safety in the community.