Make no mistake about it, all US Presidential Elections come down to one thing and one thing only, the economy. Soon to be former President of the United States of America, Mr. Barack H. Obama is due a great deal of thanks and respect for bringing the US economy back from the brink of collapse with the passage of the stimulus package that gave financial life to life to the US auto industry and a handful of big banks and Wall Street financial institutions.

Mr. Obama went left of saving and growing the US economy through labor creation with the passage of his stimulus package to pursuing the calling of his heart, the passage of the Affordable Heath Care Act. Free health care for those who cannot afford it is not free to those who must pay for those who cannot afford it in a free market capitalistic economy like America’s. With the passage of the the Affordable Health Care Act, almost as on cue, The Tea Party came into existence as they succeeded in shifting the Democratic influence on Capitol Hill via mid-term elections turning in favor of Republicans and Tea Party candidates from the Democratic legislatures Mr. Obama had to get his health care act passed.

Moving forward, Mr. Obama was able to win reelection because his Republican opponent, Mitt Romney was defined by the Obama campaign team that was not burdened with running a primary campaign for the incumbent President Obama in Romney’s run up to his nomination as a destroyer of companies for profits for himself and his partners. Obama was able to take down America’s most wanted enemy after a little over being chased and hunted for ten years, Osama Bin Ladin. The narrative of Mitt Romney being a destroyer of companies that he and his partners would purchase for profits was solidified with a secret recording of Romney saying, “47 percent of Americans are dependent on government, see themselves as victims and believe the government has a responsibility to care for them.” With that parting shot by Romney to the shrinking middle-class and financially displaced Americans, Mr. Obama was elected to a second term as he would not suffer the political fate of a Jimmy Carter but rather place himself in the annals of history as a Democratic two-term president like Bill Clinton.

Decision 2016

Donald J. Trump being the ultra overachiever and media hound that he has been since he landed in the Manhattan, NY’s real estate scene, is no doubt the first real estate developer in modern history to find a unique niche that has paid him dearly in branding his real estate projects with his surname to the extent of licensing his name to real estate projects not owned by him for profit has probably always fancied the idea of being President of the United States of America. The grind of a real estate mogul, be it a broker or a developer both of which, Trump is, is a grind different than that of any of other mogul in any other industry. As an associate real estate broker myself, I attest to the fact that the only place success comes before work is in the dictionary and that in real estate there are so many moving parts that can tank a venture from succeeding that a risk taker may have no direct control in altering in their favor. In real estate development it can be political legislation, under capitalization and zoning that tank a project and on the brokerage end it can be unforeseeable title issues that can sink a deal from closing because free and marketable title can’t be delivered to a prospective buyer or once again under capitalization.

In other industries like media and technology, those industries can come with low over head and great demand which can bring forth great windfalls of profits immediately with very little external factors impeding the bottom line thus making a CEO in those industries look like a business genius.

Donald Trump went on to experience great success in the real estate industry coupled with dabbling in the sports industry, the casino industry and later in his career, the media industry to name a few after coming back from the brink of being over leveraged in some business ventures that tipped not in his favor. With Trump’s life experience of being married three times and fathering five decent and productive children with one yet to really make his mark on the world along with his vast career resume may have matured into a desire for him to likely meet a new challenge of bringing his life know how to American presidential politics that would benefit from a reshaping of it global’s image and national economy as he has endured a few career make overs and rebranding that have arguably tipped in his favor.

Trump no doubt used the birther issue of President Obama to launch himself into the political news cycles as he is absolutely expert in manipulating news cycle as the birther issue first came to life, under the first failed presidential political campaign of Hillary Clinton in 2007/2008. Many individuals viewed Trump’s relentless pursuit of the Obama birther issue as an inherently racist act on his part giving his published public opinions in the past around the time of the Central Park 5 who were later found to be innocent in that matter.

I as a Moorish-American Moslem who is a follower of the Holy and Divine Prophet Noble Drew Ali born in the state of North Carolina in 1886 and the founder of the Moorish Science Temple of America in Newark, NJ in 1913 A.D. for the uplifting of fallen humanity teaches that negro, black, colored and now African American deludes to the labels and marks of slavery which, incidentally is still written in the US Constitution as the 3/5 clause that has never been amended. For those “under an intelligent tone” who understands American government and the US Constitution would find it reasonable that a challenge to the birth and nationally of President Obama are fair grounds to challenge, reasoning how can a person of 3/5 status ascend to becoming the President of the United States of America on a granted privilege as opposed to a right as a US citizen. Keep in mind, citizens have a right to vote via the US Constitution whereas so-called negro, black, colored and now African Americans in the United States of America have a privilege to vote via a civil rights act that is subject to renewal every 25 years. Governor Mike Huckabee and failed presidential candidate who happens not to be a law scholar like President Obama, said “Dred Scott is still the law of the land” as he is not telling a lie. For those who do not understand US government and the US Constitution would no doubt accuse Trump of being a racist for giving himself a platform to run for president by using the Obama birther issue to get his name in the news cycle coupled with his announcement to run that “Mexican immigrants are bringing drugs, crime and that they are rapists.”

Moving forward, Trump mowed through 16 other GOP candidates with unorthodox measures to eventually face Hillary Clinton, a highly flawed career politician. She totally focused her campaign on how flawed Trump was as she essentially established no political platform for how she was going to build on the efforts of President Obama as Trump got his message of immigration, trade, taxes, anti-abortion and the repeal of Obamacare out to name a few that captured the hearts and minds of middle America that decided Decision 2016.

It should become the resolve of Americans of African descent in America to take heed to a line that President Obama made very recognizable during his first term as follows: “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.” It is not only time for America to embrace that Donald J. Trump will become the 45 President of America as it is really important that Americans of African descent in America understand that Donald J. Trump is going to be the 45th President of America and that high time has arrived for Americans of African descent to understand what it truly means to be a citizen of the United States of America and that negro, black, colored and African American is not it as President Obama has claimed those labels and marks that delude to slavery as a constitutional law scholar nonetheless that ascended to becoming the President of the United States of America.

Now that President Obama is on his way out of office and as President-Elect Trump is on his way into office, the true analysis of the legacy of President Barack H. Obama needs to be honestly discussed and understood by Americans of African descent if we intend on thriving in a President Donald J. Trump America whether he delivers on campaign promises or not as I absolutely intend on thriving in a President Donald J. Trump America as per my understanding of the teachings of the Holy and Divine Prophet Noble Drew Ali by the guiding of his Father God, Allah and to borrow from President-Elect Trump, “believe me when I tell you.”

**The views expressed in this column represent only those of the author and not the board or membership of the Juniper Park Civic Association.