On the beautiful autumn day of October 21st, 2006, Juniper Park Civic Association and Juniper Junior volunteers participated in “It's My Park” Day, an event sponsored by the City Parks Foundation and the New York City Department of Parks & Recreation.

Thank you to all our volunteers, including President Robert Holden and Executive Board Member Robert Doocey for overseeing “It's My Park” activities and for their work throughout the year.

A very special thank you goes to another JPCA Executive Board Member, Steve Fiedler, for tirelessly working on the appearance of the park for so many years, without compensation, all so that area youngsters and the community have a sports field to be proud of. Steve is quiet, giving, and deserves all the thanks we can give. He loosened the rock-hard soil at the southwest corner entrance with some heavy equipment used to improve the park's appearance so that the Juniper Juniors could garden there.

The Juniper Juniors planted bulbs, trees and bushes. (Look for the red tulips blooming at the southwest entrance and by the Brennan Field Parkhouse in the spring.) The adult JPCA members reseeded and fertilized the upper ballfields.

Please remember when enjoying our area parks that they wouldn't look half as good without the efforts of our dedicated volunteers!