The Juniper Juniors once again have volunteered to improve the quality of life in our community. This time they cleaned a construction site, future home of Chase Bank, on the corner of 74th Street and Eliot Avenue. Thanks to Angelo Raneri, a JPCA Executive Board member who happens to live near the site. The Juniper Juniors arrived to clean up the trash and litter that has been gathering for many months.

“We never really see how much filth accumulates until it’s time to remove it, said Bob Doocey, chairman of the Juniper Juniors. “These kids filled three very large plastic garbage bags with the litter from the sidewalk just along the plywood fencing,” said Doocey.

Council Member Elizabeth Crowley arrived to acknowledge the volunteer work these kids did on a chilly day that threatened rain. These great kids gave their time on October 10, the Saturday that started the three day Columbus Day weekend.

The next day for Juniper Juniors to volunteer will be Saturday, October 24th at the Pullis Family Cemetery in Juniper Park at 81st Street and Juniper Boulevard North. We will be participating in the semi-annual Partnership for Parks event: It’s My Park! Day.